Frequently Asked Questions

Each Flash Vehicles rental includes:

- the services of a trained, uniformed Flash driver.
- driver overnight stipend for overnight stays outside of Abidjan.
- pick-up and drop-off anywhere within the city limits of Abidjan.
- loss, damage and third-party liability insurance.
- kilometrage allowance of 100Km per day.
- 24x7 access to replacement vehicles in the event of a breakdown.
- GPS tracking.

Fuel and passenger liability insurance are not included in the rental cost and are the responsibility of the rental client.

All Flash Vehicles rentals include the cost of a trained, uniformed driver. Flash Vehicles generally does not provide self-drive rentals though this arrangement can be accommodated in special circumstances. If you would like to enquire about the availability of a self-driver rental, please contact

Flash Vehicles has two classes of rental rate which are applicable to vehicle rentals:

(1) Abidjan rate
(2) Outside of Abidjan rate

The "Abidjan Rate" applies for periods of time during which the vehicle is used within the city limits of Abidjan and the "Outside of Abidjan" rate applies for periods of time during which the vehicle is used outside the city limits of Abidjan. If a vehicle is used outside the city limits of Abidjan for any period of time during the course of a day, the "Outside of Abidjan" rate will apply for the entirety of that day.

Discounts are available based on the duration of your rental.

The following additional fees may apply to your rental, depending on the circumstances:

(1) Driver Overnight Stipend
(2) Excess Kilometrage Charge
(3) Re-positioning Fee
(4) Custom Request Fee

A "Driver Overnight Stipend" is applied to the cost of a rental for each overnight period a driver spends outside the city limits of Abidjan. The Driver Overnight Stipend provides for a driver's meals and accommodation while a driver is outside of Abidjan. The Driver Overnight Stipend is not applied to any overnight period the vehicle spends in Abidjan, even if vehicle was otherwise used outside of Abidjan during the course of the day.

An "Excess Kilometrage Charge" applies when the total kilometers driven during the rental period exceeds the daily kilometre limit (of 100 kilometers per rental day) multiplied by the number of days in the rental. The Excess Kilometrage Charge is a per-kilometre fee which is applied to each kilometre in excess of the rental's kilometre allowance.

A "Re-positioning Fee" may apply when the requested pick-up/drop-off location is located outside of Abidjan. The Re-positioning Fee covers the cost of the vehicle, driver and fuel associated with travelling to the pick-up or from the drop-off location. A Flash Vehicles representative will provide you with a quotation for the Re-positioning Fee at the time of your booking.

A "Custom Request Fee" applies when non-standard special services are requested such as in-vehicle WiFi, satellite phone access, etc. A Flash Vehicles representative will provide you with a quotation for any Custom Request Fee at the time of your booking.

Flash Vehicles will inform you about any additional fees which may be applicable to your rental in advance of you incurring them.

Flash Vehicles will coordinate the time/location of your pick-up and drop-off with you in advance and will provide you with your driver's details and contact information before your rental commences.

You will set driver's daily schedule based on your transportation needs and the times during which you need to have access to your vehicle, though the Flash Vehicles office can set your driver's daily schedule in advance, if you prefer.

Generally speaking, your Flash driver is available to you for up to 12 hours per day, with reasonable breaks to be arranged between you and the driver. Should your require a driver to be available in excess of this period, this can be arranged through the Flash Vehicles office.

In certain cases, Flash Vehicles may need to impose restrictions on your driver's availability to ensure driver, passenger and road-user safety. These circumstances typically occur when you require access to your driver for multiple late-nights/early-mornings, or periods of consecutive driving which exceed the driver's daily limits. In these cases, Flash Vehicles will work with you to arrive at an acceptable arrangement which meets your needs and ensures the safety of vehicle occupants and road users.

When your vehicle is travelling within Abidjan or outside of Abidjan for the day, your Flash driver will be responsible for their meals, though it is expected that you and your driver will arrange for reasonable break/meal times during periods which suit your schedule.

When your vehicle is travelling outside of Abidjan for an overnight period, Flash Vehicles will typically arrange for your driver's accommodation and meals, the cost of which is included in the Driver Overnight Stipend. The main exception to the foregoing is up-country environments such as mine sites, research camps, agricultural plantations or other secure environments where alternative locally-available meal and accommodation options are not readily available. In these cases, Flash Vehicles will work with you to provide a mutually acceptable accommodation and meal arrangement for your driver.

Refueling is the responsibility of the rental client and is not included in the cost of the rental.

Each rental includes an initial tank of fuel, which must be refueled to the original level at the conclusion of the rental.

The cost of the rental includes insurance for vehicle loss/damage and third party liability.

Passenger liability insurance is not included in the cost of the rental and is the responsibility of each rental client.

Unless otherwise arranged with the Flash Vehicles team, payment in full for the rental is typically required in advance prior to the start of the rental period.

Accepted payment methods are cash, credit card and bank transfer. Payment details will be provided by Flash Vehicles staff at the time your rental confirmation is processed.